Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Persephone is a young goddess who was taken to the underworld or "kidnapped" by Hades to be the queen of the underworld. She was taken when she was playing in the meadow, when the ground opened and Hades appeared. She refused to eat something because, if you do you may never leave the underworld. She is beautiful, brave and loving. I would respect her because she is a kind soul and wants equality for all.

  My Opinion

My opinion on Persephone is that she is a great god. That is because is spreads happiness every where she goes. That is why Hades chose her to be the queen of the Underworld. So she could "lighten" things up down there. She is great. 


Do you know Persephone? And if you don't research here and me about her.


Friday, May 16, 2014

“I was on my way to the subway to work. Mr Evans told me. When I saw a web with the Mona Lisa weaved into it. Although I had missed my train it was worth it. I just stood staring at  the beauty and elegance of the web.  I was stunned.”

The New York Times
     The Artistic Arachnid
    Spider weaves Mona Lisa into web
It was a normal day for Mr.Evans until he saw a web with a master piece weaved in it. The spider that made the web is now known as the “Artistic Arachnid”. Each day this Arachnid makes a beautiful and colorful web. I have gotten only one picture of the web. Spiderweb. Newer Older

            The Snake Did It
Crazy snake lady turns people to stone in                       central park!

There has recently been sightings of a hideous creature. It’s green and had snakes for hair. It walks around looking at people and turning them to stone many lives have been lost. If you see this creature shield your eyes.“It was a sunny day, I was taking a walk in the park with Junior my son. Until I saw this snake thing turning people to stone. I was worried about me, my husband and Junior. So I grabbed Junior and ran my husband didn’t……” Mrs. Cathryn told me as she sobbed. Poor Mrs. Cathryn, she lost her husband because of a snake lady. Be careful while you’re in the park.       medusa-muppetman.png


Friday, April 25, 2014

Down a Dark Hall

                               Down a Dark Hall

 Kit's driving with her mom and Dan her step-dad. They are driving Kit to her new school Black wood. Kit isn't very happy about mainly because her good friend Tracey Rosenbloom isn't going with. At first Kit was excited, But when she figured out that Tracey wasn't accepted her smile turned upside down. When Kit and parents got to Black wood Kit had this weird feeling about it. The same word kept occurring over and over again, It was "evil."  When Kit got to Black wood she met Lucretia the maid. Then she met Madame Durae. Kit had permission to stay there one day before school opened because her parents were going to Europe for their Honeymoon. Later after her parents left Kit went to see her room it wasn't what she was expecting...... It was beautiful! But there was something odd about the locks they locked from outside the not inside. After that Kit has dinner with the teachers. Jules the handsome young man that was Madame's Son And Professor Farley a kind looking old man. The next day more students started arriving. There was Sandy, Ruth and Lynda. Then Kit realized that there were only 4 students. Kit doesn't talk to any of them except Sandy her and Sandy were becoming good friends. Kit was laying in her bed when she heard Sandy scream. Kit was in the hallway it was very dark so she slowly inched out of her room and ran towards Sandy's room. When kit got there she noticed that her room was locked but it couldn't be. Kit gave another turn and it burst open and Kit felt icy wind in Sandy's room. She went to Sandy and her skin was "like ice" then sandy woke up not knowing that she screamed. Sandy told kit that she saw a woman in her room standing next to her. A couple days later Lynda draws a portrait of Kit, Kit loves it. They show Madame the portrait and she looks excited so she gives Lynda oil paints and more art supplies. Later in the day, Sandy calls Kit outside to talk. Sandy says she has weird feeling about this place. Then suddenly Kit sees her room's light on, when she remembers that she switched it off and locked the door. So could the light be on? Kit ran to her room and when she got there the portrait was gone..... Days pass and the girls haven't seem Lynda since the day she drew Kit. While they are eating dinner Madame tells Kit to give Lynda her dinner. When Kit got to Lynda's room she was shocked there were paintings all over and her room looked like a art studio. Days pass and the girls start getting more and more curious about black wood. They say Kit should ask Natalie the cook. After Kit talks to Natalie she figures out that the Brewers lived but the all died in the fire except Mr.Brewer he was on a business trip and where they the fire was that's where the girls slept. Soon after they died Mr.Brewer went insane. Madame sees Kit talking to Natalie and Kit the hot red anger in Madame's eyes. So Kit goes to her room. The next the day Lucretia brings dinner and it is terrible, Kit asks Madame where's Natalie. Madame says that Natalie was getting married. Kit starts hearing beautiful strange music and when she wakes up her fingers hurt. One night she woke up on the bench of piano and Jules was next to her recording. Kit gets suspicious and calls everyone down. After a while of talk they find out that Madame is a medium and the ghost were using them as receivers and Sandy figures out that the woman she saw her name was Ellis and Ruth was doing great math. The next few nothing really happens except the day of the storm and lights go out and Sandy starts laughing hysterically. So Prof. Farley sends Kit to get Madame but Kit goes to Madame's office to call the Rosenblooms so they can pick her up from here. But the line was out. But Jules come to the office. Jules finds out what happened to the girls at his mother's old school. Jules go back to the parlor where everyone else is. Sandy was quiet now. Jules says he needs to get the girls out of here without letting Kit know what happened. After the argument Jules has with his mother. He tells everyone what happened. 3 or 4 of the girls committed suicide the rest went crazy and are now in a mental institution. Angrily Madame drops the candle and sets a fire by accident. Everyone rushes out of the building. Then suddenly they remember that the forgot Lynda! Kit says she'll go get her but, everyone disagrees but Kit didn't care. Kit ran through the back door up the stairs, down the hall and to Lynda's door, but it was locked. She yelled through the door to jump through the window Sandy, Ruth and Jules would be there to catch her. After a while she didn't hear anything so she left, the smoke was getting thicker and thicker by the minute. The fire was so close that Kit was trapped. Then Kit heard a familiar voice her father was standing right before her..... he couldn't have he was dead. Kit didn't know what happened next she just found herself on the driveway..................

                           My Opinion

In my opinion Down a Dark Hall is a great book. Scary, mysterious novel doesn't everyone like that? You never know what might happen next and when you figure what happens next you get a little jolt! The novel is amazingly frightening.


     Have you read this book before? If not I challenge you to read it! <3  

Friday, April 4, 2014

                         Shel Silverstein     

  Shel Silverstein is great writer. He has written great poems that people still enjoy. He was on September 25th , 1930, Illinois Chicago. He died on  May 10, 1999 in West Key, Florida. Shel or Uncle Shelby was Jewish. He lived and grew up in Chicago. He was buried in West law cemetery Chicago. Did you know Shel is Uncle Shelby, also he writes songs!

                     Poem and my Thoughts

                          Hug O'War

                               from the book "Where the Sidewalk Ends" (1974)
                                    I will not play at tug o' war.
                                   I'd rather play at hug o' war,
                                       Where everyone hugs
                                            Instead of tugs,
                                      Where everyone giggles
                                        And rolls on the rug,
                                      Where everyone kisses,
                                         And everyone grins,
                                        And everyone cuddles,
                                          And everyone wins.
This poem is saying that instead of playing the violent game of Tug o War you should play a nice, peaceful game of HUG O WAR! This Poem stuck out to me because it's very happy poem. Plus I like the sound of it of a nice game of hug o war.  I can relate to this poem because it's about happiness and it sounds like this is how I would play the game of tug o war.
I cahallenge you read another poem by shel Silverstein http://shelsilversteinpoems.wordpress.com/.   Do you like She'll tell me why or why not.

Friday, March 28, 2014

                    Why Kite Flying is Bad

Kiting flying is very fun, but also dangerous. Kite flying is a sport in Afghanistan. Although kite flying may seem joyful it is ban in so many countries. You may ask why is it ban in countries? Well, the thread you hold on wile flying the kite is very fine, it can cut through skin. Although unbelievable it is very true.

                                            My opinion

In my opinion kite flying should be ban from every country. Well, kites are made for kids and if the thread slices them they will be put in danger. Kites aren't safe for kids nor adults. And should be ban from every country including Afghanistan.
Have you ever flown a kite? If so tell me if you kinda got hurt or not.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

           What Role Does TV Play in my Family
TV stands for television (just so you know). TV plays a big role in some people's families. Like in the movie "Matilda" in Matilda's family TV played a huge role. Unlike "Matilda" TV doesn't really play a huge role in my family. Like Dr.Brown said "parents don't limit the amount of time children watch TV." They should limit the time.
                                        My Opinion
In my opinion...... TV isn't that important.

Friday, March 21, 2014

       The miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
This is a very imotinal story about a Chinese rabbit doll. Edward Tulane washes up on shore when young boys tease his ownerand throw  him into the sea. He is found and taken by many people and has experienced tragic, joyful and shocking moments. 

My Opinion 
My opinion on this book is............. that this book is one of the greatest ever written. This book is very imotional. It will make you cry. This book has won 3 awards that proves that it's amazing. The book is and will forever remain my favorite book.
Have you read this book? If not I challenge you to do a little research and tell me whether you like it.